Experience the Art of Investment with Finotive Capital

A Unique Currency Investment

Our professional investor fund harnesses unique insights into currency market behaviours to offer sophisticated investment strategies and provides a stable and growth-oriented investment alternative.

Revolutionary Approach to Currency Market Investments

At Finotive Capital, we combine decades of market experience with data-driven strategies to carve out new paths in currency market investments. As a privately-owned multinational firm, we uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency, providing services tailored to meet the distinct financial goals of our clients.

Under the leadership of industry veterans like Mr. Oliver Newland, whose expertise in risk and finance shapes our strategic vision, our team offers unparalleled expertise. Our diverse group of professionals is equipped with extensive market knowledge and analytical skills, ensuring our position as leaders in investment management.

Harnessing the collective sentiment of 30,000 traders in every decision

Osprey harnesses the collective sentiment of over 30,000 traders to guide its trading decisions, providing a unique perspective on currency market dynamics. This approach allows us to synthesize vast amounts of behavioural data to refine our strategies continuously.

By tapping into deep market insights, Osprey offers a prudent and promising investment route. Its adaptability and commitment to sustainable profitability make it a compelling option for those seeking stable and innovative investment solutions.

We pride ourselves on assembling a team of the industry's finest talents

Data Analysts

The Backbone of Our Insights. Our data analysts are skilled at deciphering market trends and translating vast amounts of data into actionable insights. They are equipped with advanced analytical tools and techniques, ensuring that every investment decision is backed by robust empirical data.

Computer Scientists

Innovators of Modern Finance. Our computer scientists drive the technological innovations that position our strategies at the forefront of the financial markets. They develop sophisticated algorithms and complex models that enable us to anticipate market movements and manage risks effectively.

Forecasters and Modelers

Architects of Future Success. The forecasters and modelers at Finotive Capital are experts in predicting market behaviour and constructing models that simulate various economic scenarios. Their forward-looking strategies ensure that our investments are both resilient and adaptive to changing market conditions.


Execution Experts at the Core of Our Operations. At Finotive Capital, our traders are the crucial link between our sophisticated strategies and their successful execution in the global markets. These professionals are not just skilled in executing trades; they are adept at navigating the fast-paced, complex world of currency markets with precision and discipline.

Masters of Strategy and Timing. Our traders combine their deep market knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to optimize the timing and execution of trades. They work closely with our data analysts, computer scientists, and modelers to ensure that every trade is informed by the latest market data and aligned with our overall strategic objectives.

Adaptive and Responsive. In the fluid world of currency trading, conditions change by the second. Our traders are equipped to adapt swiftly to these changes, leveraging real-time insights and forecasts to make adjustments that maximize returns and minimize risks. Their expertise allows them to perform under pressure, ensuring optimal outcomes even in the most volatile markets.

Collaborative Synergy. The success of our trading team is bolstered by their ability to work in concert with the entire Finotive team. This synergy ensures that all aspects of our investment strategy—from analysis and prediction to execution—are seamlessly integrated. The collaborative environment at Finotive Capital fosters shared learning and continuous improvement, enhancing our capabilities and ensuring sustained success.

Dedicated to Excellence. Our traders are committed to maintaining the highest levels of integrity and accountability. Each trade and strategic decision is made with the utmost consideration for ethical standards and client objectives, ensuring that we not only achieve financial success but also maintain the trust and confidence of our clients.

Risk Managers

Critical Guardians of Our Financial Strategies. At Finotive Capital, Risk Managers are essential in safeguarding our fund’s assets and ensuring our strategies align with our strict risk parameters. They expertly identify, assess, and mitigate risks, integrating risk management deeply within our investment processes.

Proactive Risk Control. Our Risk Managers utilize advanced tools to forecast and mitigate potential risks, maintaining a balanced and resilient portfolio. They work closely with our entire team, ensuring that risk considerations are integral to every investment decision.

Adaptive Monitoring. Constantly monitoring market conditions and portfolio performance, our Risk Managers adapt strategies promptly to protect and enhance client investments. They also uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct and regulatory compliance, securing the trust and integrity our clients expect.

A Culture of Excellence and Collaboration. Together, these professionals form a dynamic team characterized by its dedication to excellence and a collaborative spirit that fosters innovation. At Finotive Capital, we are committed to continuous learning and improvement, ensuring that our team not only meets but exceeds the ever-evolving demands of the financial markets.

Commitment to Client Success. Our team's diverse expertise and collaborative approach are key to our success and, by extension, the success of our clients. We are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of professionalism and integrity, providing our clients with a service that is not only responsive but also anticipatory of market opportunities and risks.

Deep and Continuous Alignment with our Clients' Risk Profiles

Precision in Every Decision. At Finotive Capital, our risk management framework is meticulously crafted around the utilization of advanced analytics and real-time market data. By harnessing sophisticated technologies and forming strategic partnerships, we ensure a deep and continuous alignment of portfolio risks with our clients' specific risk profiles and the dynamic nature of market conditions. This rigorous approach allows us to not only respond to immediate market changes but also anticipate future risks effectively.

Proactive Monitoring and Adaptive Strategy. Our commitment to risk management extends beyond mere oversight; it's about constant vigilance and adaptability. Our proprietary Risk Exposure Monitor provides real-time insights, enabling us to swiftly adjust strategies in response to market fluctuations. This proactive monitoring system is designed to preserve capital and optimize investment outcomes, ensuring our strategies are robust and responsive to market dynamics. The ability to quickly pivot in our approach is crucial in maintaining portfolio efficacy and client satisfaction.

Building a Legacy of Resilience. Finotive Capital's proactive risk management is more than a protective measure—it's a fundamental component of our investment philosophy that has proven its value across various market conditions. Our dedicated approach has consistently protected client portfolios, thereby maintaining financial integrity and reinforcing enduring client trust. This legacy of resilience demonstrates our capability to navigate through market uncertainties, always striving to achieve optimal financial outcomes for our clients.

Strategic Risk Containment. Our risk management strategy also includes comprehensive risk containment measures that cover market, credit, and operational risks. By systematically identifying potential vulnerabilities within our portfolios and operational frameworks, we implement targeted strategies to mitigate these risks. This holistic view ensures that our clients' investments are safeguarded from unexpected disruptions, providing them with peace of mind and the freedom to pursue their financial goals.

Commitment to Transparency and Client Empowerment. We believe that effective risk management involves empowering our clients with knowledge and transparency. By keeping our clients informed about how risks are managed and how strategies are adjusted to market conditions, we foster a deeper understanding and trust between our clients and our firm. This transparency is critical in building long-term relationships and in ensuring that our clients feel confident in the security and potential of their investments with Finotive Capital.